Episode 79 – High Concept Branding, Facebook Groups, and Blab

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Question of the Week: How would you create a high concept brand around your books?

This week, Bryan announced a million things (actually three things) to help indie authors, including his new free video training (go to http://authorcopy.com to get on his list), his attempt to hit the USA Today Bestseller List with his writing prompts box set) (get it on Nook at http://bit.ly/noblocknook ) and his new Selling for Authors Facebook Group ( http://bit.ly/sfagroup ). Don’t forget, he’s also got March to a Bestseller 3 coming up this Friday ( http://marchtoabestseller.com ).
With the promotional parade over, Jim and Bryan talked tips and news after thanking their latest Patreon patrons (Susan Illene’s Stalked by Flames http://amzn.to/1Q80kFr ) and (Chris Syme’s SMART Social Media for Authors http://amzn.to/1JLTwYI ). The tips included the next level of marketing, Blab, and better author bios. The tumultuous twosome also talked Facebook Groups, a year-long marketing plan, to KDP Select or not to KDP Select, the evolution of authorship, and high concept branding.
This week’s Question of the Week: How would you create a high concept brand around your books?
What You’ll Learn:
  • How to get free video training from Bryan
  • What he’s doing to try to get on the USA Today Bestseller List
  • And how you can join a new community he’s setting up
  • How to reach the second level of self-publishing marketing
  • Why you should consider the Blab platform
  • What goes into a killer author bio
  • Why so many authors are creating Facebook Groups
  • How much work it takes to do a year worth of marketing
  • What goes into a decision behind KDP Select or non-exclusivity
  • Why you should write a series
  • How to create your own high concept brand
Question of the Week: How would you create a high concept brand around your books?

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  • Chris Shumate

    I only have one book published so far, but I do have an idea of what I want to do/be. I have three other stories that I’ve started and need to polish. My writing, currently, is for picture books.

    I’m not sure how to create a high-concept brand around it, but I read Kristen’s blog post linked above.

    As I think through it, the emotion I want to create in parents, specifically men, is to be present in their children’s lives and teach from a Christian worldview what’s right and wrong without being preachy. Even if a parent doesn’t have the same worldview that I do, I want parents to teach their children their worldview without being preachy. I want families to be brought together and not tore apart.

    My concept isn’t universal because it’s targeted to a specific group of people. There again, I don’t like cats and I know others who don’t, so cats really aren’t “universal”, right?

    Maybe I just need to hire someone to help me figure out this whole high concept branding thing.

    • Bryan

      I think the “right and wrong” and wanting to be there in people’s lives thing is universal. The trick is finding a way to make the way you teach it “shareable.” Good start!

  • Since my genre at the moment is memoir, I have to craft a (true) story that hits some of the high concept emotions mentioned in the link. As far as branding, I try to be myself in social media, showing my sense of humor, being self-deprecating when necessary, and sharing things I care about. This is not a planned thing, but I’ve noticed that my daytime tweets mainly concern writing and teaching, and a little politics, while my nighttime tweets are a silly, whimsical and sometimes even vulgar. Maybe this is confusing when it comes to branding, but it also represents me as the complex human being I am.

    • Bryan

      See, I feel like there’s somewhere you could go with the silly, whimsical, vulgar area. Look at Tucker Max. He took vulgarity and roguishness to a new level and look where he ended up.

      • There is something to be said for a strong persona, no matter the direction. You might end up with haters, but you’ll likely end up with fans as well.

        • Bryan


  • Sandy Williams

    I’ve been struggling with the branding question. I write science fiction and urban fantasy with a strong romantic element, but that’s such a mouthful to say and it’s rather boring. I’m debating between two branding ststements at the moment. Books with Fight. And then High-octane sci-fi and fantasy with a shot of romance. Neither one is perfect. Branding is a hard concept to develop.

  • Daniel Martone

    We’re branding two separate projects in a TV / Film fashion. First, we’re creating a “TV studio” that we will be releasing the first book out as a special event urban fantasy series (6 episodes in the 1st season). The other project will be released in a similar fashion but it will also follow a kind of Blair Witch style where the author is the main character in a zombie apocalypse series. Both stories will be ongoing, with additional seasons and spin-off series to follow. I know people have gone this route before, but we feel it fits the stories. Our long range goal is to have our little “network” producing at lease a half a dozen series during the year.