Episode 28 – Content Events, Permission and Series Success

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As part of Bryan’s birthday show, the guys discussed tips on promoting a standalone novel, growing website traffic and creating content events. Jim and Bryan announced their big Friday, November 7th multi-author event: March to a Bestseller 2. The event will feature at least 16 books on writing and marketing for just 99 cents with real-time Q&A with the authors.

You can join the event at bit.ly/marchtab2

The news included stories on Paulo Coelho’s indie author mindset, how to write a successful series, Amazon’s physical store in Manhattan, print book statistics and how to change your author business. Jim and Bryan went in-depth on why authors shouldn’t wait for permission to move forward in their careers. This week’s Question of the Week: What would you do if you stopped asking for permission in your author career? How would your books, marketing, and life change?
What You’ll Learn: 
  • What some authors are doing to connect with more readers
  • How to market a standalone novel
  • A ton of tips on growing your website traffic
  • How Paulo Coelho thinks like an indie
  • What Lindsay Buroker would do to improve her fantasy series
  • Why Amazon is getting a physical store for the holidays
  • What the recent Nielsen survey means for ebooks vs. print
  • Ways to charge up your author business
  • How you can chat with 16+ authors on November 7th
Question of the Week: What would you do if you stopped asking for permission in your author career? How would your books, marketing, and life change?

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  • Kim smith

    oh the amazon thing? you guys know women LOVE to shop…this place will be like a total “must go to” for the gals! and if they stock INDIE authors books….look out NY book world.

    • Bryan

      That’d be fantastic if they stacked indie author books. Hey, everyone likes shopping, if you pick the right store ;).

  • First off, happy birthday Bryan. It’s a good thing you’ve got your life planned out. When I turned 32 I was still all over the map and had just joined the army.
    Great show! This one seemed super packed with a ton of useful information.

    So, you need to do an article on how to put together an even like March to a Bestseller. I’m intrigued with doing one for thriller writers and would like to know more.

    I will be picking up Joanna’s new book. It’s funny how people write about the same things at the same time. Just a few weeks ago I had posted an article about writing with marketing in mind. It’s such an important key. Of course I’m sure hers is better than mine 🙂 http://www.raveninternationalpublishing.com/writing-with-marketing-in-mind/

    Keep up the great work guys!

    • Bryan

      Thanks, Clark!

      I’ve done a few posts here and there, but I’ve got something massive blog post wise coming up in two weeks that I’ll mention on the show.

      Haha, funny how that happens. The more people who write about it, hopefully the more people who start to follow the advice!

      • Looking forward to it and thanks again for the help on review building.

        • Bryan

          You’re welcome!

  • Julie Farrell

    Another great show! Happy birthday Bryan, and thank you for the mention! 😀

    I’ve just created a Facebook page for a character! Yay! I was amazed that ‘Fictional Character’ was an option in their drop down list, so it’s obviously becoming a thing to do!

    Thanks for the empowering message at the end! You guys are so great! 🙂

    • Bryan

      Thanks, Julie! You’re welcome :).

      That’s awesome! Feel free to link to the fictional character here.

      Jim and I just want you all to do great stuff! We love doing this show. We really do. Thanks again!

      • Julie Farrell

        Thank you so much Bryan! Here’s the link. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Scott-Bradshaw/333348150169969
        He’s an unconventional and interesting (I think!) guy, so hopefully this will be a nice way to connect with readers 🙂
        I’m looking forward to next week’s podcast already! 😀

  • Great show as always, and happy birthday Bryan. You’ll be catching up to me because I decided not to get any older (50 last birthday)

    So the Nielsen info is obviously bogus because it only tracks ebooks using ISBN numbers. Know any indies using them? Well you know one, me, but I use them just for my own reasons. I don’t even register them anymore. So the 25% ebook I think is ONLY legacy publishers IMO

    The March to a Bestseller is a great idea. I joined the page, but the time is not going to work for non-us people. 20:00 CST is (I think) 3 or 4 am here in London. Still, you’ll get tons of people I’m sure. Any idea how anyone could do something like this for audio? I obviously couldn’t drop prices to $0.99. Audible gives us no price control, but something could be done with promo codes and gifting maybe?

    Maybe you and Jim could think up something or ask on the show if anyone has ideas for something like that. It really would be easier if ACX was like KDP, but we work with what we have.

    Mark E. Cooper

    • That’s a good point about the ISBNs, Mark. Amazon only assigns ASINs for ebooks, so none of their books are counted with that method — and that could be millions of books!

      • Bryan

        I need to look into this more. Does Nielsen really collect data so poorly… probably :).

    • Bryan

      Thanks, Mark! I’ll catch up to you one of these days ;).

      See, I wasn’t sure about that. I figured there was something fishy about it.

      Thanks for spreading the word. The event goes 12 hours, so you should be able to squeeze it in. I know Joanna is gonna be there during a normal British hour, so you should be set.

      I’ve got my first ACX project coming out later this year, so I’d love to try something with that. I feel like if we asked ACX, maybe they’d let us have a coordinated giveaway thing. It’s always worth checking :).

      • 12 hours? Well now, THAT’s different! Why didn’t you say… oh you did? Okay then… mutter mumble…walks away red-faced.

        • Bryan

          Hahaha, not a problem, Mark 🙂

  • Ember Casey

    Great show (as usual!), and happy birthday to Bryan!

    I’ve been working on giving myself “permission” to put myself out there more as an author. I’m happy with my choices regarding my books, marketing, etc. but I’m at that point in my career where I really want to make more industry connections (with fellow authors and other industry professionals) and “networking” has always been a big scary word to me. (I suspect I’m not the only one, haha.) I’m in that “fake it ’til you feel it” phase of my career where, objectively, I believe I’d be considered a “successful” indie publisher, but I’m still intimidated when it comes to making professional connections in the publishing world. So I’m trying to teach myself to get out of my own way and take some more chances in that respect. 🙂

  • Great show! And happy birthday Bryan!

    I’ve never asked permission. I’ve always done whatever creative project I wanted to do. The stories are so demanding I would have ask the Muse for permission for a day off. lol!

    • Bryan

      Thanks, Alyne! Good for you. Haha, I’ve been in that boat too :).

  • Connie B. Dowell

    Great show as always and great question!

    I’ve got two big things I’d do if I just gave myself permission. I’m doing a local, free workshop and I’d love to take it online as well to reach a bigger audience, but I’m afraid I’m just too much of an unknown for anyone to sign up.

    My second idea is also held back by fear of finding no interest. A couple months ago, my husband and I started a podcast. We recorded a few episodes, but we were struggling with the format and totally stalled out. Instead of scrapping the idea we’d both been so excited about, I suggested we change the format. We’d like to try interviews with history nonfiction and historical fiction authors, but I worry that no one will want to come on our show!

    Both of these worries are silly, I know. If we fall on our faces, there’s no one but my husband and me who have to know about it.

    • Bryan

      You can do it, Connie! You never know where a podcast will lead until you keep on doing it :). Best of luck and thanks for listening.

  • Crissy Moss

    I still buy a few print books every year, but they are for my shelf, because I love them. I usually also get the digital book and read that. The only physical books I read anymore are library books. Books, for me, are becoming memories for me. My favorite stories bound in pages.

    As to the question: If I didn’t have to ask permission for anything I’d have so much more time to spend on my books. No children, bosses, or boyfriends to take me away from it. Also, I might stop worrying so much about the words the first draft and JUST WRITE.

    • Bryan

      I hear ya on worrying about the words of the first draft. I feel like I’m finally starting to get over that!

  • Kim Smith

    i have thought about this question all week. It’s actually haunting me. Being raised a southerner, we ask permission and apologize for EVERYTHING whether it is our fault or not. I know that if I didn’t have the permission thing hanging over me, I would quit full time work, because I know I can do what it takes to make it as an author-entrepreneur. My podcast, Writer Groupie, would take off if I had more time and less permission-asking(recently, i asked joanna penn about how she gets guests to go on Skype interviews where they are VIDEO instead of just audio, because when I ask permission to do one, I get resistance. She gave me some great advice BTW). Oh, so many things would be different if it were only a world where asking someone else for permission to do the things we WANT to do were there. Great question, gentlemen.

  • Lindsay Buroker

    Hey, guys! Thanks for mentioning my blog post on your show and for the kind words. You had me blushing when I was listening on my road trip. 🙂

    • Reading your post right now. Inspirational.

    • Bryan

      Aw, Lindsay. I totally missed this comment when you posted it. So glad you’re listening to the show. Mentioning you again this week coming up ;).