Episode 23 – Author Marketing Live (Featuring Sean Platt, Johnny B. Truant and More)

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We had a very special edition of the Sell More Books Show this week featuring many of the speakers from Jim’s Author Marketing Live event. J. Thorn, Andrea Vahl, Hunter Boyle, Derek Murphy, Vinny O’Hare, Deborah Carney, Julia Kline, Steve Scott, Sean Platt and Johnny B. Truant all stopped by to take one tip and news story each! Our guests lent their expert opinions to a trio of tips on a Twitter ePub reader, an author site checklist and a Google Chrome plug-in for building your brand. We also touched on author productivity, Espresso Book Machines at Barnes & Noble stores, Google’s disbanding of the Authorship program, Kindle Unlimited and the Kindle Kids Book Creator. Whether you attended Author Marketing Live or not, take this opportunity to hear the speakers in action!

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What You’ll Learn:

  • How Author Marketing Live went
  • What authors can do to get their books on Twitter
  • The top tips for creating an author website
  • How picking a color scheme can build your brand
  • What Sean Platt and Johnny B. Truant think about hiring help
  • Why Espresso Book Machines may not be worth the paper
  • How to cope when Google or Amazon makes a change
  • What Steve Scott thinks about the future of Kindle Unlimited
  • How a new KDP tool could make digital children’s books much easier

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Question of the Week: Do you think live events are worth it? Why or why not? If you haven’t attended an event in the past, what do you think it is that’s holding you back?

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  • Thanks, Jim and Bryan. I’m a horror writer. I kill stuff all the time 😉

    • Bryan

      And we’re all glad that you do :). Thanks!

  • I’d go to every live event on then planet if I had the money. Where I live costs too much, and the first thing I’m going to do when I can is move. When I did have lots of money, I went everywhere. There are lots of local live events here that i read at and meet with other writers, but none of them are marketers ot movers and shakers in the industry. I plan to go to Clevelnad next year for your live even, especially since I heard you have some very cool graveyards….

    • Bryan

      It’d be great to see you next year! Oooh, graveyards :).

  • AuthorMarketingLive was my first ever live event and am now a fan of live events. It was great connecting with other writers. The content was rich and useful. As a result I will be looking for other live events to attend. There is something to be said for attending something in person and interacting with people. Jim set the bar really high with how well amlive went off.

    • Bryan

      Agreed, Ken! Jim’s gonna have a tough time topping himself :). Great meeting you!

    • Thanks Ken. Don’t worry, we’ll top it with the next one. Already plotting. 🙂

  • Melissa AuClair

    Fabulous episode! I was bummed to miss the premier of Author Marketing Live (yes, I love live events) and I’m thrilled to hear a 2015 event is being planned. My goal is to be there.

    • Bryan

      Thanks, Melissa! Sounds like a good goal :).

  • About to attend Southern California Writer’s Conference. Can’t wait.

    I have a question I’d love to hear you guys discuss. What are your feelings about the boutique publishing companies that are cropping up? I recently interviewed the founders of Entangled– covers romance– and Xist– kids books– for an author site. I wonder if this is going to be a viable business model moving forward and something authors should consider. They claim to be much more author friendly and actually do some marketing for all their authors not just the “A list” guys.

    • Bryan

      I don’t know much about these boutique publishing companies, but I imagine it’s best to message folks who work them the imprints and see what their experiences have been.

      • Good thought. I haven’t queried any, but am almost ready to decide the publishing course of action on a new novel and I’ve been thinking about boutique pubs. But, we’ll see.

  • Awesome show, guys! I’ve only been to one (small) live event. It takes things to a new level when you meet people face to face. I’d love to go to more, but with family and work obligations as they are now, traveling isn’t an option.

    • Bryan

      Thanks, Stacy! Yeah, it’s tough when you’ve got important responsibilities at home. You could always pull a Jim and start your own event in your own town ;).

  • Kim Smith

    Hey guys, been following the show for a while now(have listened to EVERY epp!) and just wanted to say keep up the good work! Bryan you may remember me as the hostess of Writer Groupie 🙂 — also, I have been to live events and find them so useful! They can be overwhelming though, especially the ones that last more than one or two days. I call it con overload. Advice? Take lots of notes and don’t feel like you have to make EVERY workshop. Best wishes for your SMB show and I will be listening!

    • Bryan

      Hey, Kim! Of course I remember you :).

      Good advice. There can definitely be too much Con. Glad you’re enjoying the show!

  • Dan Ames

    Great show. You referenced a previous episode with links to some great author spreadsheets. Which show was that?

  • ❤️Marie Long❤️

    I just started using Canva, and I have to admit, it’s addicting!