Episode 20 – Amazon Pre-Orders, Advertising and Payouts

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To celebrate hitting the big 2-0, Jim and Bryan talked in depth about KDP’s new pre-order feature. Before that, they discussed last week’s marketing question, a Goodreads giveaway tip, the Fancy Hands virtual assistant service and the KDP Sales Rank calculator. Other news items included the success of Paulo Coelho’s social media platform, Amazon’s advertising program, the most influential publishing professionals and the first month results of Kindle Unlimited. This week’s Question of the Week: Will you use KDP’s pre-order feature? Why or why not?

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What You’ll Learn: 
  • What authors have done in the last month to boost their marketing
  • How one author enhanced his Goodreads book giveaway
  • One way to get tasks accomplished with less time and money
  • How Paulo Cuelho grew his author platform
  • A new feature Amazon is testing for KDP authors
  • How to follow some of the biggest names in publishing
  • The results of the first month of Kindle Unlimited
  • How to allow readers to buy your books before they’re released

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  • Cassie Charles

    Well done, Bryan. Your sales are very impressive. I’ll be downloading and reading your book soon. I read the sample and really liked the voice it was told in.
    Also, great show. I’ve listened to them all.

    • Bryan

      Thanks, Cassie!

      All 20?! Wow, we’re glad to have you as an avid listener :).

  • Julie Farrell

    Thank you for the mention! 😀 Great show – happy 20th! Keep up the good work! Julie Xxx

    • Bryan

      Sure thing. Thanks, Julie!

  • Crissy Moss

    If I use the pre-order ability it won’t be until I have a finished book sent to my editor, because that is the only time I actually know when my book will be coming out. I’m a fairly slow writer (especially when you see the guys over at SPP or STP writing a book a week sometimes) so it’s clearly not in the best interest of me or my readers to use it.

    • Bryan

      Understood. I don’t think it’ll be for everybody.

  • The GazpachoMonk

    Hi Guys, on the subject of pre-orders I thought I’d mention one reason why I’m going to try (in fact I am trying right now) the new option for indie authors. Its about setting myself deadlines. Very often I’ll edit eternally, fiddling with the cover details, some back matter – or worse reconsidering the direction of the entire book. With the pre-order option, I’m committing myself to ‘ship’ as Seth Godin says. And deadlines can really help us Indies when we have such flexible timelines to work with. So, i’m giving it a go, first one is set up for a Sept 22 release date which gives me a little over a month to start the publicity and get the final manuscript and images in shape.

    • Yeah, that’s a good part of pre-orders… you force yourself to get it done! If you don’t ship you’re not writing!

    • Steeven Orr

      Agreed, another reason I’m going to use it.

  • TheCreativePenn

    I jumped into pre-orders immediately 🙂 and have my Business for Authors book on Amazon, Kobo and iBooks for pre-order right now http://viewbook.at/authorbusiness – as you say Jim, it’s about being able to talk about it in advance and capture the sale right away, without having to remind people later. I am SUPER thrilled about pre-orders – it’s a fantastic move and means I will use the Kobo and iBooks functionality also – I wasn’t using it before because it wasn’t on Amazon. Happy times!

    • Bryan

      Pre-ordered your book, Joanna! Can’t wait to read it when it gets delivered :).

      • Yeah I grabbed it too. Excited for it.

  • Steeven Orr

    I will be trying out the KDP pre-order option for books 2 and e of my Norman Oklahoma series.

    Most especially for the third one because it’s a Christmas tale, and I’d to have it release on Christmas but folks can pre-order it and then have it show up on Christmas like a present 🙂

    Loving the show, guys!

    • Bryan

      Thanks, Steeven! You’ll have to let us know how it goes.

  • Happy 20th show! I’m glad you’re still here. Love this show! Bryan congrats on your book. I have my very own copy 🙂 Cheers.

    • Bryan

      Double thanks, Taryn! 🙂

  • I just put my paranormal thriller The Shadows on pre-order. Looking forward to working with that.

    • Bryan

      Very cool! Let us know how it goes. Also, I’ve mentioned you on the show a few times now, but I’m always afraid I’m pronouncing your name wrong. Can you sound it out for me? 😉

  • I’m definitely planning on using the pre-order feature with my next release. I just need to finish the draft and upload it, which I’m planning on doing this weekend. Can’t wait to see how it goes.

  • Jim, I loved your rant on ignoring ranking. I think you should set it to music. I’m also really happy that neither of you could stop yourselves from doing an Admiral Ackbar impression.

  • I was looking for another self publishing podcast asfter listerning to all of Joanne penns, SPP and rocking selfpublish podcast, really happy to have found yours. I added my first book to pre order on amazon it was very heplful to get the buy infromation early, it allowed me to start a blog tour the day my book launched. I plan to have my short storie series and next book on pre order. Off to listern to the rest of your podcasts.

    • Bryan

      Thanks, HJ! Please let us know how the pre-ordering works for you. Hope it goes well!