Episode 160 – Kickstarter Guests, Five Days Free, and Amazon in Australia

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Question of the Week: Do you think Kickstarter’s new feature to let guests contribute without signing up will increase the chances of funding for publishing projects? Why or why not?

Jim stepped in as chief news readers again this week as he and Bryan took on news about Kickstarter’s pledge change, Amazon’s scorched earth policy in Australia, and your new favorite self-publishing metaphor. Bryan’s Selling for Authors course is now open again for a limited time and available at https://www.sellingforauthors.com/invest17 (available through May 2nd). After thanking their patrons Sanyare: The Last Descendant, Plain Talk Book Marketing Blog Tours, and Blogging for Authors, Bryan and Jim tackled tips on Facebook ads, spreading out your KDP Select free days, and KDP Print. Other news stories included Scribl, Amazon Subscribe, and a peach farming mentality to publishing. This week’s Question of the Week: Do you think Kickstarter’s new feature to let guests contribute without signing up will increase the chances of funding for publishing projects? Why or why not?


Willow chewing Jim’s sock during the show!

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What You’ll Learn:

  • How authors can optimize Facebook ads and make needed adjustments
  • How authors can make the most of their five free days in KDP Select
  • What indies can learn from one author’s experience with KDP Print
  • How one new distribution platform plans to increase author discoverability
  • What new Amazon tool is making it easier to manage subscriptions
  • What new authors can learn from peach tree farmers
  • Why Amazon is invading Australian and how readers and writers will benefit
  • What new policy change Kickstarter has made that could boost support
Question of the Week: Do you think Kickstarter’s new feature to let guests contribute without signing up will increase the chances of funding for publishing projects? Why or why not?

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  • Chris Syme

    Just a note about Facebook ads testing–which is not answering the question of the week (sorry). Experts like Rick Mulready and Jon Loomer whose businesses test case tons of ads suggest only changing one ad element at a time (copy, image, or targeting) to test what works the best. Changing all three on a new ad will not tell you what is not working. Part of being a regular FB ad user is to test pieces of ads against each other (A&B testing). Also, make sure you give an ad at least a week before you change something–give it time to kick in and work. Agree with Bryan about asking your cover designer to work on some full coverage Facebook ad type images. Designers will often add these for a small fee.

    • Bryan

      Great point, Chris. Thanks for pointing that out.

  • Spider McGee

    Jim, how dare you.

    I mean *obviously* I sit around and write in underwear, but you’re wrong to assume it’s actually *mine*.

    UsedBoxers2You, a new monthly subscription service, brought you this post.

    • Bryan

      Sponsored comments! Comment subscription services!

      • Spider McGee

        I’ve been bought, yo. Sellin’ out ain’t just for hip-hop artists anymore. #GetPaid

    • LOL

  • QOTW – Yes. It removes a barrier for people who are tired of yet another account. It also looks like it’s anonymous, which may encourage some backers who don’t want their name associated with the project.

    • Bryan

      My comedy podcast would’ve made millions if backers who didn’t want their name associated had been able to contribute ;).

  • As a Canadian I don’t know what to make of Jim’s belief in AMZ’s ability to deliver the hard goods. Both I and my daughter have been burned after ordering a non-digital item from AMZ. Each and every time. I don’t even trust them to deliver another box of Createspace books in a manner that doesn’t get me hit with an unwarranted delivery surcharge. I’d rather put my shoes on and hit a brick and mortar than trust online retailers to deliver the goods.

    • Bryan

      What’s your hard goods e-retailer of choice, Edwin? Not sure who is the top dog in Canada.

      • I don’t have an e-retailer of choice due to variations on my experience with AMZ. There are a couple of specialty can’t get critical parts anywhere else I go through. Everything else remains brick and mortar.

        • Bryan

          Got it. Interesting. Thanks for the anecdote, Edwin.

        • Jason Riou

          Kobo does have a connection with some printer. I’ve emailed them for details, but haven’t dug any further by giving them my particulars. After reading the Canadian thread on Koards about getting one’s books shipped up from the states, I figured this would be the way to go.

  • I’m sure the Kickstarter change will make some difference for the reasons Jim explained, but I don’t know how significant it will be.
    For those authors without a platform, it might get a few friends and family who would like to contribute, but don’t want to sign up for this “kickstarter thing”, but the only way an author can really succeed with crowdfunding is if they already have a strong platform. In that case, I’m not sure the act of signing up would be that much of a barrier for a “true fan”.

    Regarding Amazon in Australia. Those words seem needlessly inflammatory. There is already enough angst around here about Amazon entering the country from some people. Amazon don’t need to feed it themselves. As for me, I’m hoping this move might open up the door for ACX in Australia, or maybe better methods to pay Aussie authors. It’s nice to know they at least have their eyes on Australia.

    • Bryan

      No point in riling up the populous. Good points, Adam.

  • Spider McGee

    Do Facebook ads work? YOU TELL ME. I see this constantly. Sometimes late at night. IN MY HOME. IN MY BEDROOM. WHERE MY WIFE SLEEPS. WHERE MY CHILDREN COME AND PLAY WITH THEIR TOYS.


    I was wondering what Dave Foley from the beloved ’90s sitcom News Radio was doing these days. Now I know.

    • Bryan

      Lol :).

  • Bryan

    Good points, Anma. Thanks!