Episode 143 – 2016: The Year in Review

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Question of the Week: What are you gonna get done in 2017?

Bryan made his triumphant return to the show as he and Jim discussed the top stories and tips of 2016! After going over Abigail The Intern’s Top 3 Tips, the self-pub squadron discussed stories about knowing your readers, using paid advertising, the problems with KU, the scammers of KU, and the rise and leveling-off of indie sales. They also thanked their patrons, Author Level Up, Character Sketch & Color, and Incursion: Merkiaari Wars Book 5. The final Question of the Week for 2016 is: What are you gonna get done in 2017?
What You’ll Learn:
  • How authors can use their backlist to create long-term success
  • How authors can start dictating their stories and why they should
  • Why there can never be too many books
  • How researching your audience and genre can really pay off
  • How some authors used paid advertising to increase sales and hit milestones
  • Why authors may want to reassess the Kindle Unlimited program
  • How scammers cheated the Kindle Unlimited system
  • How the indie author earnings report changed from May to October
Question of the Week: What are you gonna get done in 2017?

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  • Crissy Moss

    Currently writing a new series, and hoping to get at least two of them out in 2017. Write, write, write!

    • Bryan

      You can do it, Crissy!

  • Seth Howard Wilks

    This year I am starting my author business. It technically got started at the last part of 2016, but I will have my first assets published early in the new year.

    I accomplished this by realizing that I wasn’t going to do it without stakes and booked an editor to give me a deadline to work towards. As hard as it might be, spending a little money might be the best first step. Act like you have a business before you even do.

    • Bryan

      That’s great work, Seth. Smart to give yourself incentive to push forward.

  • QOTW – I’ll publish 2 fiction books in 2017. I’d like to say I’m taking a break from non-fiction to just write fiction, but I have too many ideas to put them on hold, so I’ll also put out at least one non-fiction book.

    • Bryan

      Can’t wait to check out your fiction, Roland!

  • Jason Fuhrman

    I liked the “accidental” new format of the tips and think you should try it out. Reading all the tips in a row make it difficult me to take it all in. Keep up the good work!

    • Bryan

      Good to know, Jason. Maybe we’ll try it again in one of the upcoming episodes.

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  • Just a comment about wording: If Amazon folds or KU does, that isn’t “taking it all away.” You gotta hustle–whether you’re exclusive or not.

    2017 is going to be a year of big change at my house (moving in summer, going to a Writer’s Digest conference in March in KC and pitching to an agent), going to a Women Writer’s conference in Arkansas in November of 2017. Those are the two main goals for my year–to survive the move and to get out there more.

    • Bryan

      Good point, A. Thanks! Those should be some great conferences. Good luck with the move.

  • Patrick O’Donnell

    Nice to have you back Bryan! Thanks for keeping it positive. Here’s to a great 2017!!!

    • Bryan

      Thanks, Patrick! Happy 2017!

  • For me, it’s all about building my career. I plan to finish my first trilogy and start my second, launch a course for writers who want to become authors, and grow my list to over 5k subscribers. If I can do all that before 2018, I’ll be ecstatic!

    • Bryan

      You can do it, Megan!

      • Thanks Bryan! And thanks for the mention on the show! I always get a little fangirlish whenever I hear my name. ;-D

        • Imagine how I feel, knowing the author mentioned on the show! OMG!

  • I’m finally going to publish the Infinite Vampire series! (I’ve only been working on it for 7 years).

    • Bryan

      I hear the 7th year’s a charm.

  • I love how Jim grumbles about having already talked about a topic on a show solely dedicated to re-talking about topics. LOL.

    2017 – Play around with marketing on my first book series and write three novels for my next book series.

    • Bryan

      Ha. Right?!

      You can do it!