Episode 142 – Deductions, Alexa, & Konrath

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Question of the Week: What’s your big indie publishing prediction for 2017?

Stephen Campbell from The Author Biz Podcast subbed for Bryan this week, as he and Jim took on tips about book covers, tax deductions, and producing art. After chatting up their patrons’ books (Email Lists Made Easy for Writers & Bloggers, 5 Numbers of Destiny, and 31 Days of Wisdom), Jim and Stephen talked trad pub podcasts, the end of Authors United, whether or not indies are declining, HarperCollins’ deal with Amazon Alexa, and Konrath’s major publishing decision. This week’s Question of the Week: What’s your big indie publishing prediction for 2017?
What You’ll Learn:
  • What you should consider if you’re doing your own cover art
  • What does and does not count as an author tax deduction
  • How authors are similar to contestants on NBC’s The Voice
  • How HarperCollins plans to use podcasts to boost its brand
  • Why Authors United finally came to an end
  • Why John Ellsworth might be noticing a decrease in sales
  • How HarperCollins got into business with Amazon’s Alexa
  • Why Joe Konrath decided to sign with a traditional publisher
Question of the Week: What’s your big indie publishing prediction for 2017?

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  • Bryan

    Great show you two! Looking forward to being back in the co-host chair next week.

  • QOTW – I think there will be more focus on writing books that sell More authors will accept that it’s necessary if they want to have career as an author. Many will change, but lots will quit because they feel like it’s selling out.

    • It’s not selling out, but ‘writing to market’ and ‘write what sells’ are trigger words for many writers. They don’t allow themselves to understand the message and tune it out.

    • Bryan

      I’ve definitely seen folks tune great ideas out before. It’s a shame!

  • My 2017 Predictions (don’t worry last year’s didn’t happen):
    1) Now that the Presidential election is over ebook sales will recover and there will be a 15% YoY increase in e-book sales in 2017.
    2) The trend of traditional authors moving their back lists to selfpublishing on amazon will accelerate as will their increased marketing efforts which will continue to put pressure on indie authors.
    3) amazon will intensify its efforts to identify and purge hackers and scammers from taking advantage of AU.
    4) Walmart will announce that in 2018 it will offer its own ebook and print on demand Selfpublishing business venture through its Jet online service with print on demand books to be picked up at your local store or delivered to your home.
    5) amazon does not make money on permanent free e-books, as a result, a policy change will occure in an attempt to discourage or limit their use.

    • Bryan

      Cool predictions, JB. Thanks!

  • This is less of a prediction and more of a hope, but I would love for Amazon to finally open Amazon Singapore (we finally got Prime Video, but I don’t think kindles are sold yet), or even Amazon SEA. I really think that there’s a lot of potential in the market.

    • Bryan

      That’d be great. Fingers crossed, Eustacia!