Episode 118 – Hooks, Slush Piles, and 10X Thinking

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Question of the Week: If you employed 10x thinking, what would your 10x self-publishing goal be? How might you achieve it?

The guys welcomed Jonny Andrews for their latest Lab segment and talked doomsday Nook scenarios before tackling the latest news! After thanking their latest patron Simon Goodson (and his book Wanderer’s Escape http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00AZ7YSFQ ), Jim and Bryan shared tips on metadata, the purpose behind your emails, and creating the perfect hook. News stories included Nook’s email barrage, Tales From the Crypt pulling from WattPad, applying 10x thinking, Facebook further reducing organic reach, and confessions from a former publishing intern. This week’s Question of the Week: If you employed 10x thinking, what would your 10x self-publishing goal be? How might you achieve it?
What You’ll Learn:
  • Bryan’s latest experiment to boost his upcoming launch
  • How Nook actually prevented the apocalypse
  • Why metadata is important to your book copywriting
  • The necessity of a “why” in your emails to followers
  • How one simple hook netted Adam Croft $1.5 million
  • Why Jim feels for Nook and its email issues
  • The latest reason to have your books on WattPad
  • Why Chris Fox thinks yours goals should be 10x larger
  • Why you need to pay to play on Facebook
  • How the trad pub system fails most authors
Question of the Week: If you employed 10x thinking, what would your 10x self-publishing goal be? How might you achieve it?

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  • Brian Brown

    My New 10x Publishing Goals
    ⚫Listen to ten hours of the Sell More Books Show every week
    ⚫Sharpen 10 pencils each morning
    ⚫Drink 40 cups of coffee each day
    Am I doing this right?

    Seriously though, I’ve never heard of this concept and it seems pretty cool. Just the thing to dive into instead of working on my outline!

    • Bryan

      Mmm, 40 cups of coffee :).

  • I plan to use Author Platform Rocket for my fiction, but where can I find a service like this for my non-fiction?

  • I think I’m currently selling 0 books, so that times 10 is still 0 :p Perhaps I should aim for one book a month first, then try to x10 that.

    Writing-wise: 10x would be 600 words a day -> 6000 words a day )O.O(

    By the way, Bryan, will How to Write a Sizzling Synopsis be on iBooks as well?

    • Bryan

      Hey Eustacia! I’d like to put it out wide eventually. I’ll let you know!

  • M.A. Robbins

    Does anyone know how to submit a Wattpad story for the Tales from the Crypt? I’ve googled and read all the articles, and one said the information would be in Turner’s Wattpad profile (can’t find it), and “on social media”.

  • One Facebook ad was doing well so I tried to 10x the spend on that one ad. However, I earned a lower scaled profit margin. I think I need to 10x the number of ads at $5 each to see which ones work. It may take 20 or 30 different ads, but I’ll eventually land on 10 that work to earn 10x the profit.

  • Kirsten Oliphant

    I go back and forth on this. It sometimes sounds like solid advice…and sometimes is just a bunch of baloney. I think we all should have big dreams. But also have maybe more realistic goals that fall into the SMART category (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and …something with a T). I heard training on webinars where the person said, “Just decide what you want to make selling in that webinar and you will! I know so many people have!” Nope. I’d buy the JimX book, though. Sounds more up my alley. Though I think if I read the FULL 10x post, I might be more in line. Sometimes the summary of things like this makes them sound like the name-it-and-claim it philosophy, which gets me all eye-roll-y.

    • Laura Martone

      I understand what you mean, Kirsten. In recent years, Chris Fox has offered a lot of terrific advice for indie publishers, but I, too, get weary of clever catchphrases at times. I agree that it’s often better to have more realistic, more attainable goals – which, for me, might mean simply doubling my efforts. Such as doubling my daily word count. Trying to multiple my efforts by a factor of 10 might just end up overwhelming or derailing me. Better just to improve my process by small increments over time – than to lose focus or, worse, confidence.

    • Bryan

      I think it all depends on what inspires vs. overwhelms. If 10x thinking fits with your brain, go for it. If it’s too much, go with JimX :).

  • avoura

    10 times goals: sell 10x more books, write books 10x quicker. My first novel — started in 1993, finished 2015, with not much inbetween, a few bouts of writing now and then, until the 12 months before publishing when I knew how to finish the novel and publish it without the need for agents or publishers. So I wrote a short novel in a few months recently, and next full novel in a few months, so getting books written more quickly, a few months is more than 10 times faster than 22 years.

  • My brain is line line with Jim’s thinking on this one.
    I go the other way: I set ridiculously easy goals. How about I simply do the same as last year? But try to achieve it in a shorter time period. But, if for some reason I fail to do that, the same as last year will be a good benchmark.
    Hint: I never fail, and I find easy goals much more stimulating than ridiculous ones.
    My brain goes: OK, I achieved the easy thing, now I can stop worrying about what I need to achieve and simply do some work.
    I was never any good whatsoever in a corporate environment.
    Deadlines, I hatessssss them. I’d have a thousand and one things completed, none of which the thing I said I’d complete.

  • Levi Kent

    Going by JIm’s logic – the minimum I need to pay the mortgage is $2100 per month so my new 10x plan is to make $21000 per month selling freaky erotica. Don’t judge me. I’ll be writing my own awesome scifi at the same time

  • Simon Goodson

    Running late with my listening this week. Thanks so much for the amazing shout out, luckily I was listening in the car on my own rather than on the train so the manic grin, fist pump and shout of joy didn’t lead to me having an entire carriage to myself!

    I was already planning on using Bryan’s services to improve my book descriptions, and hearing what he did with Wanderer’s Escape made me certain that’s the right decision.

  • Simon Goodson

    On the 10x question, what I take from it is you need to look at ways of achieving 10x but without putting in 10x more effort. It’s getting you to think bigger, and how to get bigger.

    At the moment though I’m focusing more on getting more books out, and dictation has been a massive win there. Now I write while I’m walking the dogs, and sometimes while I’m tidying the house and doing other chores that require little thought. I still write my main novel on the laptop while commuting or at lunch, but dictating is letting me more than double my total output and is also letting me do fun things like short stories without feeling guilty that I should be working on the main novel. So it’s not 10x, but it is a big boost.

  • Anmarie Uber

    I realize I’m not answering the 10x question, but I wanted to comment on the FB news. I paid good money for each of my likes promoting my page. Some of them cost a couple bucks each. I also have continued to advertise over the last 3 years, with little success and am thinking of not continuing. Why, if I paid for those likes, and those people are asking for my information by following me, are my posts not going through their news feed? That makes no sense to me, and why would I pay for a like who sees nothing, and I would have to continue to pay for, each time I send them something. These aren’t necessarily even going to be customers.