Episode 10 – Removing Barriers to Entry

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We reached the double digits this week as we focused on ways authors and publishing platforms are making it easier to reach readers. The Audible and Apple were two examples of companies who have succeeded in removing barriers from entry to reading. Other subjects this week included Flipboard, Craigslist, Amazon categories, indie author fangirls, hard work and the success of author HM Ward.

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What You’ll Learn: 

  • How one author created a digital magazine to find fans
  • One way to pay a small fee to find true fans
  • A method for ranking in the top 100 of Amazon categories
  • That some kids want to grow up to be indie authors
  • How to do what you learn
  • The way the audiobook industry is growing
  • How Apple is making it easier for readers to read books
  • If HM Ward’s plan to turn down a Big 5 publishing deal paid dividends

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  • Carl Sinclair

    I love all of the tips this week. I’m going to have to vote for Mr Mather though, being I was the one that booked him on the show and asked the question about it. I’m a big fan of keyword/category play though.

    • Bryan

      Nothing wrong with a little bias :). We should start keeping a log of how many times each blog/podcast makes it into the Tip of the Week segment. I think SPRT may be winning.

  • I’ve made it! Mentioned on the Sell More Books Show! Here’s a link to the web version of my cricket magazine on Flipboard so you can check it out. It’s best on ipad app. https://flipboard.com/section/cricket-humour-bXE95L I’ve got a few others., building audiences of readers on other topics.

    • Bryan

      Hahaha, you’ve definitely made it, Dave :). Thanks for linking to your magazine, that’s really helpful!

      Have you been able to track many folks from the magazine coming over to your series?

      • So far I’ve just been testing to see if I can gather a group of readers interested in the topic. This is happening organically and gradually without much promotion. Next time I slip in a book or blog promotion article into the magazine stream I’ll use a bitli link so I can see what the click through rate is.

        • Bryan

          Very cool. If you want to share the results with us, that would be fantastic. We could mention it on the show.

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  • The GazpachoMonk

    Really enjoying the way the show is moving guys – thanks for all the useful stuff, but perhaps more than anything else thanks for sharing your conviction that the indie author has a real and sustainable future. Whilst so many “professionals” and “on-line experts”are dithering over which path to take in this new unfolding universe, your commitment and passion for this new collaborative economy, your honesty with results, stats and sales and your willingness to share and expose your efforts on line, compose a refreshing and overdue shift in this digital world. Nice…stay with it.

    • Thank you for listening and your comments. It’s only going to get better!

  • disqus_IEdgLGcTVF

    Great show! I catually got some help from Amazon putting my Victorian Gothic Romance, The Lady in Yellow in Werewolves and Shifters whre it has been in top 5, 10 or 20 for three months. They also helped another book of mine by putting it in a categorie I never knew was there getting it to #83 –this happened when I changed the cover and altered the title when the poor thing was buried.
    I do very little prormotion at this stage because I want certain things in place before I do a big launch. I can only imagine that Amazon looks at the quality of the writing and the covers, etc. and will help authors beased on that.
    Alyne de Winter–sorry I don’t get Disquis…

    • Bryan

      Haha, I’m still getting used to Disqus myself, Alyne. Glad to hear you’ve had some success with the niche categories. I can’t wait to get my first novel out so I can experiment with it.