Bonus Episode – Something Nice to Say About Traditional Publishing

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Here’s a little comedy for your Friday! In this special edition of the show, H. Claire Taylor joined Bryan to do a preview of their upcoming podcast, Something Nice to Say (you can contribute to the show’s Kickstarter campaign here: ). Bryan and Claire discussed their experiences with traditional publishing before launching into their trademark “three nice things.” Expect Daniel Plainview impressions and a discourse on the shark’s name in the movie Jaws.

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  • Laura Martone

    Excellent topic choice, you two – certainly relevant for the Sell More Books Show audience. And as someone who once attempted to query literary agents and rarely saw royalties from a trad publisher, I especially appreciate your “nice” comments about the two-year wait and keeping artists humble. Hardy-har-har. Also, I learned something new – I had no idea who Daniel Plainview was, which compelled me to look up THERE WILL BE BLOOD and vow (again) to see it one of these days. I’ll be honest – although I love Daniel Day-Lewis in most things, the previews of that film made him seem a wee bit over-the-top, hence why I never saw it. But now I see that I was missing out – at the very least, I could’ve used that awful voice to lose several annoying friends (just like you did, Claire – wink, wink). Anyway, I hope that your show is a big success – and I’m so delighted (and rather surprised), Bryan, that kicksomethingnice was available for the website link – it’s freakin’ hilarious!

    • Bryan

      Thanks, Laura! Claire will be very happy she introduced you to Daniel Plainview :).

  • Spider McGee

    You’ve convinced me! I’ve decided to go trad pub only from now on. So long, suckers!

    Also: officially, the shark’s name in the movie Jaws was “Bruce”.

    • Bryan

      I knew we’d convince you!

      Got it. I still think the character Bruce played might have a different name ;).

      • Spider McGee

        Also, it’s a little-known fact that the original ending to Jaws had to be reshot. Preview audiences were confused when it became a taut courtroom drama and contained a twenty-minute sequence of the Kintner family testifying against the shark.

        • Bryan

          That shark was HIS OWN COUNCIL!