Bonus Episode – Bryan’s Launch Challenge

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For this special Friday edition of the show, Bryan sat down and chatted about the launch of his new pen name with the fairy tale novel Cinderella Dreams of Fire ( ). He’s challenged himself to launch a book into the Top 500 on Amazon and keep it in the Top 5,000 for 30 days. In this episode, Bryan goes through the writing strategy, marketing/launch strategy, promo schedule, and results of his promo, including some answers to questions you might have about his plan.

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  • Lavie Margolin

    Love this. I bought the book as a thank you (I know 35% of a 99 cent book isn’t much thanks- but it should help with rank!). I’ve used that KDP category strategy before.

    I’d love to hear more about how you are making KDP ads work. When the service just came out, it was cheap to bid for an ad and I was making money but then the cost quickly went up.

    I am curious- did you consider a print book as well? It seems like it would have advantages, such as showing how much the kindle version is “discounted” and provide an option to those who aren’t ebook readers.

    • Bryan

      Aw, thanks, Lavie!

      The KDP ads are tricky, I’m still trying to work my head around them. I’m using LOTS of keywords, and I’m still not certain I’m getting much of an ROI (can’t track borrows on those), but I’m using them mostly for exposure right now.

      I will do a print book, for sure. I’m not worried about the discounting thing so much, but having so many ads out there might actually allow me to sell a few paperbacks in the midst of all the advertising.

  • Shalini Boland

    Great show, Bryan! Lots of publishing gems in there. And thanks for the mention 😉

    • Bryan

      Thanks, Shalini! Happy to mention someone who’s such a great examples of Writing to Market success :).

  • Great show, can’t want on more updates and congrats to your fiction debut!

    • Bryan

      Thanks, Cetriya!

  • Daniel Martone

    Congrats Bryan! Laura and I are so happy for your success. Question, when did you BookBub ads run? What was the rank before? You’re at 695 right now… I’m wondering if once your launch strategy got you into the 1500 range, if the BB ads then gave a great boost to get you where you currently are, or if the ranking and alsobots were really helping by that point?

    • Bryan

      Thanks, Dan! Really appreciate your support. I started some BB ads yesterday (approximately $50), and while I think I probably got 10-20 sales/borrows off that, I think the biggest push of yesterday was Rebecca Hamilton’s service. I’m not sure if the alsobots are helping yet (that might be more of a next week thing). I think they readjust about every week or so.

  • Laura Martone

    Yay, Bryan! I’m delighted that your Cinderella launch is going well so far – couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. 😉 And thanks for walking us through your launch process – seems like you’ve done a lot to ensure a successful launch, and I can’t wait to hear how it all shakes out. Oh, and thanks, of course, for the mention on your bonus episode – I was happy to be a beta reader for you, and naturally, I’d do it again!

    • Bryan

      Thanks, Laura! Really glad to have you Martones on my side :). And I appreciate the kind words too! Have a great weekend, y’all.

      • Laura Martone

        All the same to you!

  • Excellent! I really think you should do more of these types of shows – not in place of the regular show, but like a bi-monthly really deep dive into your business (or one of your guys’ projects).
    Hope you hit your goal and that it stays sticky in the charts! (my wife loves these kinds of books so I snagged a copy for her).

    • Bryan

      Thanks, David! Good to know. I might have to do a full episode just to talk about everything that happened last week :).

  • Honoree Corder

    What a terrific, meaty episode Bryan! Congrats on your launch and current rank.

    • Bryan

      Thanks, Honoree!

  • Robert Scanlon

    Really useful, practical episode, Bryan. Very generous of you to share the results and also put the time in to do so (everywhere!). At no point did I feel you rambled, it was all pure gold. I’ll be re-listening at some point when it becomes key for my next venture!

    (And I agree with David Ramos – there’s a place for the occasional ad-hoc “lab-style show” like this (no sound effects though please, Jim!)

    • Bryan

      Thanks, Robert. Really appreciate the kind words. And your hatred for sound effects ;).